We offer tailored courses to donors and programs in our areas of expertise. We also offer a limited number of open subscription courses. Each course helps staff to improve their conceptual understanding and practical skills in ways that can be immediately applied to improve program effectiveness.

For tailored courses, contact Aly for options.

Open courses:

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Current Open Courses

There is no current open course.

Future Open Courses

Results Measurement for Program Managers

Next Course: TBD

This course - exclusively for program managers of implementing agencies - will introduce you to the key principles, practices and tips that will enable you to lead effective results measurement for management, learning and reporting in your program.

Trainers: Aly Miehlbradt and Hans Posthumus
For more information, contact Aly.

What participants said:

  • It was relevant, practical, something I can apply and new.

  • Good use of many examples. Good and interesting inputs from trainers and participants.

  • It connects to real scenarios and clarified principles.

  • The course fully met my expectations, giving a framework for what to focus on as a manager. Excellent combination / balance of more technical and more managerial content.

Advanced Training Workshop in Results Measurement

Next Course: 2023, TBD

This workshop, held every 2 years, brings together experienced results measurement practitioners to share lessons learned, solve common and emerging problems, exchange practical approaches to address identified challenges and build a supportive network. The content is demand driven, based on extensive interaction with participants in advance. Examples of past topics include assessing systemic change, measuring employment, assessing inclusion, supporting implementation managers to monitor effectively, communicating progress and results, practices to make monitoring more cost effective and using technology in results measurement. The event combines training sessions for topics where there are strong examples of good practice and workshop sessions where the field is still searching for practical approaches to effectively address results measurement challenges.

What participants said about the workshop:

  • This was one of the most useful and insightful trainings I have attended. The participants had a lot to share.

  • They (the cases) were really informative and choice and blend of cases was superb.

  • The systemic change session provided me with a broader vision on needed approach in my programme that we were not thinking about before.

  • The sharing was great. And especially since most of the sessions were split into small units, this made it easy for everyone to contribute. The participants have a wealth of experience and this was very useful.

  • The most helpful course I've taken in years (in fact, possibly ever).